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actually one of the more amusing submissions ive seen the last few days. Would be cool if you made something more involved.

That is so cool

a 10 does not justify how much you just made my day

well I got to hand it to you

it is very addicting.
When I first started playing I was disappointed by as the levels just kept going by I found myself quite entertained. I think it would be cool if you added different themes for different levels and maybe some more obstacles. Improved graphics.
Oh and one more think, my biggest pet peeve, let the user change the quality. I have to suffer through using a crappy computer at work and school, and so do many other people. I hate not being able to change quality.

needs a lot of work

make it look nicer, and have more variety/goals, better AS etc

neverzonegaming responds:

will do :)

tempted to give 0

because its laggy and the controls suck to the point where I was turned off within the first 10 seconds.

But I'm being nice because you did put a lot of time into this I bet

Next time make gameplay #1 not effects

its breakout, which is good

its breakout, which is good
but there's no sound or graphics or anything other than that, which is bad.


the game is too short, and looks very unprofessional, also the ball is hard to see.
There is some substance though, not a horrible try but put more effort into your next game. Good luck.

Very good

Excellent job, hope to see more from you

johnfn responds:

Thank you. I'm definitely planning on making more games soon.


the game instead was good, except that the coins sometimes were just impossible to get ( same color two places at once). What I really liked was the variety to the bonus levels, kept everything interesting.


I'm not really a fan of these kinds of flash games, but it looks like you did a decent job. I'd like to see a little more though.

Hello, play my games. That is all.

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